you won't want to bring these boys home to meet your mother...

Renegade has been entertaining people with their southern rock for 24 years. The members may have came and gone but they have stayed true to bringing the best southern rock the area has to offer.

From left to right the band members are Ken Stanley, singing lead vocals only the way he can do them. His vocals are unique and give the band that soulful southern sound.  He also manages the band.   Tucked in the back is Eric Boley of Outlaw Productions providing the sound for the band. It doesn't matter what size venue large or small he's making the guys sound phenomenal. Then we have Brian Dalbey, what can you say about Brian?  He's the bass player we stumbled upon by accident. Luckily for us him selling his house to our former bass player worked out in our favor. He does a great job bring the bass sound to the band. Between the two Brians is AJ "Applejack" Williams our guitar player. AJ has been playing the blues most of his life and does it very well. He's taking a walk on the slightly wilder side now and doing a great job. Last but not least we have the other Brian Ball our drummer, the man with the boom boom. He is without a doubt one of the best drummers I know.  Once you put this group of musicians together you have what's known as Renegade....the best southern rock band in the Midwest.