Did I really do that last night?

So your favorite outlaw band is keeping you out partying a little later than you'd planned; and at some point in the evening, a shot of Jack before your next beer sounds like a really good idea. Just one, though, right? 

Next morning you wake up with that uneasy feeling that your vague memories of the night before aren't quite complete.  We're here to help you remember...

We started posting most of our pics on our facebook page Renegade from Champaign Illinois. We will still occasionally post some of the bigger shows here. Feel free to check out the facebook page for pictures.


JonEbs in Champaign April 2012

Pink House in Ogden Halloween 2011

Hoopeston Sweet Corn Festival 9/4/2011

Ne's in Piper City 8/27/11

Seth's Benefit at The Stop in Urbana 8/14/11

Lake Party in Mattoon 8/13/2011

Pink House in Ogden 4/23/2011

Boomerang in Urbana 4/9/2011

Spankys in Mattoon 4/2/2011

The Hangout in Effingham 3/26/2011

The Pinoaks in Rantoul 3/25/2011

Memphis on Main in Champaign 3/19/2011

Wild Willys in Brocton 2/26/2011

Ne's in Piper City 2/19/2011

Shookys in Paxton 1/29/2011

Pink House in Ogden 1/8/2011

Fat City in Champaign NYE 2010

Jimmy Petes in Humboldt 12/4/2010

Pink House in Ogden 11/20/10

Halloween Party at the Pink House in Ogden2010

Hog Roast October 2010

Fat City in Champaign 10/9/2010

Pink House in Ogden 9/25/2010

Memphis on Main in Champaign 9/18/2010

Chiggerfest 2010

Fat City in Champaign 9/5/2010

Lucky Monkey in Bement 8/14/2010

Bradley in Champaign 8/6/2010

Wild Willys in Brocton 7/24/10

Sounds of Summer Danville 7/23/10

AIW Hall in Decatur 7/9/10

Fat City in Champaign 5/30/10

Elks in Savoy 5/22/10

Armed Forces Benefit Run at the Rosebowl in Urbana 5/15/10

Lucky Monkey in Bement 5/1/10

Pink House in Ogden 4/24/10

Daddy Rabbits in Teutopolis 4/10/10

Memphis on Main 4/3/10

Radmakers in Tolono 2/28/10

Legion 2/20/10

Lucky Monkey in Bement 1/23/10

Fat City NYE 09